Apple copied the iconic Swiss Clock design?

September 24, 2012


Apple is known to be aggressive when it comes to companies copying them or infringing on their patents. But recently, the Cupertino company was accused of copying the Swiss Federal Railways’ clock design. The new iOS 6 update includes the new Clock App for iPad.

apple clock io6 clock app for ipad

Upon learning the issue, I checked my iPhone 4 which now runs iOS 6. The Clock App still looks the same but it turned out, the copied design being talked about is for the iPad.

No doubt, the all new look of the Clock app for iPad definitely looks a lot like the original design of Swiss Federal Railways clock below:

And here is Apple’s:

Hans Hilfiker designed the clock in 1944. It has become an icon in Switzerland since then and almost all railway stations have such clock.

SBB is saying that Apple didn’t seek permission to the clock design. The company is also said to make legal actions against Apple.

This is one interesting issue. I wonder what will Apple’s response be.


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