iPhone 5 Gets 24-karat Gold Treatment

September 26, 2012

In a world where iPhones sell like pancakes, you need to standout. Some people dress their phones with Swarovski, Italian leather or carbon fiber cases, but how about a 24-karat Gold iPhone 5?London based Gold $ Co offers a unique piece of iPhone 5, which comes gaudily covered in 24-karat gold, or if you’re more conscious with fall colors, a 24k rose gold version is also available. You want? Get your private jet engine running as this iPhone is only available at the Collector’s Palace at the Dubai Mall for a still unknown price.

Are you lining up for this one?


Comments (3)

  1. renaldo says:

    i need the price of this phone right now cause i need his order this phone

  2. hania says:

    I need to know the cost of this , I got I phone 5 how much will kit cost>>>?

  3. shazzad says:

    i wnat to know the price for i phone 5 24k gold, 32g. and dubai where i can get it.

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