[Video] Coming Soon: Empire of the Deep

November 20, 2012

empires of the deep

Jon Jiang is rich. He can spend $130 million when he wants. And that’s what the real estate tycoon did.He tapped some lucky men to make a film–something like the Avatar with French actress Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) in the lead. The Chinese tycoon venture into filmmaking for the first time and spent that much. Sadly, the movie is of poor quality and doesn’t look like millions were spent. Entitled as “Empire of the Deep”, this film looks to me a story about mermaids.

This movie won’t be released in the US but I’m sure DVDs and Torrents will be available. Initial reviews say it’s a disaster but who knows, the story might be brilliant. But based on the trailer alone, naaaah…

empires of the deep


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