Amazon intros FreeTime Unlimited service for Kindle

December 5, 2012

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

While Google, Apple, and Microsoft are fighting over which is the best mobile OS, Amazon is cool in the background. It’s based on the Android platform which makes Google a winner here.

We all know how the tablets have transformed throughout the years. Tablets are now used in many different fields by many different people but parents like me are more than thankful to tablets especially the iPad for serving as “nannies” to the kids. That’s not recommended but there are times that we really need a tablet. Aside from the iPad, there’s also the Kindle as one of the top choices by parents and kids alike. Just last week, we learned that kids as for iPad and iPad mini more this year.

Amazon wishes to reach more kids by launching a new feature called FreeTime Unlimited for Kindle. The FreeTime is special feature that provides parents control over their kids’ usage of the table and a special environment for the children. Amazon added the FreeTime Unlimited as a service that offers “all-you-can-eat” plans for games, apps, movies, and books.

The FreeTime Unlimited for Amazon Prime members is $2.99 monthly per child but a whole family can avail of this for $6.99. For non-Prime members, the service is $4.99 per child and $9.99 per family. What’s in store for the subscribers? Unlimited access to majority of books in Amazon’s Kindle library, TV shows, and apps.


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