Amazon Prime charged me $85

December 5, 2012

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I check my credit card bill online and I was surprised that there’s a pending transaction for approval. I don’t remember the last time I used the card but I was certain I did not use it recently. Usually, transactions for approval are those you purchased recently about two or three days ago. I didn’t call the bank right away and waited for the actual statement to arrive before I complain. When the credit card bill finally came, I saw the item and written in bold letters, AMAZON PRIME.

What was that all about? I logged in to my Amazon account to check what was the last item on my cart. Nothing new just a book I purchased one month ago. I was charged $85 for nothing? I had a hunch because of the Amazon Prime reference. I remember during my last transaction with Amazon that I chose the Prime membership to avail of free shipping. So that could be it.

I searched for similar cases and discovered that a lot of people have been charged too. Most of those I read were charged $79 so I don’t know why mine was $85. The main reason of the extra charge was the Prime membership not being canceled. I thought it was unfair and the amount was too big. But I believe in Amazon’s customer service so I immediately sent a request to refund the charges to my credit card and that I am not interested in availing of the Amazon Prime membership as I don’t often buy from the website. It was more of a one-time thing and then I officially canceled my Prime membership on the settings page.

After a few hours, I received an e-mail from Amazon:

As you requested, we’ve canceled your Amazon Prime membership. Since you have not used your Amazon Prime benefits, we are refunding the full membership fee of $79 plus any applicable fees and taxes. Your refund should be processed within the next 2-3 business days and will appear as a credit on your card’s next billing statement. If your latest membership charge is still processing, we’ll issue the refund as soon as the charge is completed.

Thank goodness! The $85 on my card was 79 plus taxes. I haven’t seen the refund yet but I’m positive Amazon will return the amount.

So if you’re buying from Amazon the first time and was asked to choose the Prime membership to avail of free shipping, make sure you cancel Prime after you made your purchase or after the items have been delivered.


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