HTC to release new M7?

December 7, 2012

htc phone

HTC isn’t doing so well and to top that, the company needs to pay Apple as part of a recent settlement. It still has a line up of great smartphones but they’re not as popular. Windows Phone 8 HTC devices may be out but looks like they’re not helping with the sales.

So many photos of yet-to-be-revealed phones have been leaked too the past months. And now rumor has it that HTC is exhausting its efforts on a new flagship phone nicknamed as the M7. We could expect a 5-inch display, 1080p resolution, 13MP camera, Qualcomm APQ8064 quad-core processor, and an aluminum unibody chassis.

Not much details have been released but we’re not expecting this anytime soon since HTC Droid DNA which touts a 1080p display screen. So maybe next year 2013 at the Mobile World Congress we’ll see this.


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