Samsung Mobile CEO received $5.8-million salary last 2013

April 5, 2014

Steve Jobs only received $1 salary annually. The former Apple CEO was only one of the elite group of CEOs who receive such salary. We also know Mark Zuckerberg received such small amount. But that’s for them who don’t need more money. For some executives though, they still need millions. Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, received $4.25 million last year. That’s higher than his previous year salary of $4.17 million. Read more

HTC One M8 mini to arrive this May

April 3, 2014

htc one m8 mini

Wow. HTC has got as all crazy over the One M8. The All New One has been the subject of many blogs all over the Internet. It’s being compared with the latest flagship Android phones already. It’s officially official and we’ve got photos to show you. Read more

Apple sold 1.3 million iPhones in China

March 31, 2014


Android may be King and Samsung may be No. 1 but you can’t neglect the fact that the Apple iPhone is revolutionary. Millions of iPhones are being sold and in China, as reported by China Mobile, about 1.3 million 4G iPhones have been sold since the first month of the year 2014. From January to March, in just one quarter, more than a million iPhones have landed in China. (Well, that last statement was kind of untrue since the iPhone is actually made in China.) Read more

BlackBerry lays off 120 employees

March 20, 2014

I’d like to think BlackBerry is still doing okay but recent reports and even rumors are not doing the smartphone pioneer any good. CEO John Chen may be doing his best but looks like it’s not enough to get BlackBerry out of its rut. To make things worse, about 120 employees are about to lose their jobs with the company this week. What a sad scenario: pink slips being given away at the Waterloo office. Read more

Boxed HTC One shows up on eBay with a $499 price tag

March 18, 2014

htc one 2014

The All New HTC One or the M8 is becoming a recent favourite, what with all the leaks and information being shared. Full specs have already been exposed though but we have yet to see the smartphone on March 25. I’m guessing the leaks won’t stop just yet until the official announcement. But some impatient dude managed to be selling a boxed HTC M8 on eBay. No idea how he or she got a Verizon-branded HTC M8 but the smartphone is now listed at $499.99, up from the starting price of $199. Read more

Microsoft executives leaving after new CEO Satya Nadella’s appointment

March 14, 2014

satya nadella microsoft ceo

Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella has yet to fully function within the company but two executives are already leaving. Biz dev EVP Tony Bates and marketing EVP Tami Reller are believe to believing the software giant for a number of reasons. The company has not confirmed the news yet but it’s somehow expected. Read more

TSMC starts producing 20nm A8 chip for Apple

March 12, 2014

tsmc logo

Last month, we learned that TSMC would deliver A8 chips to Apple and not Samsung. The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company previously confirmed that production of the 20nm chip will be delayed, no thanks to a “specification issue”. Whatever that means, at least, we know that TSMC and Apple’s partnership will bring us the next-generation iPhone. Read more

HTC M8 looks like the One

February 15, 2014


Much has been said about the upcoming M8 phone by HTC. The smartphone is now believed to look similar to the HTC One. This is according to who else– @evleaks. If it’s from him, we’re almost sure that it’s true.

People are saying the HTC M8 is very similar to the HTC One that you can actually nickname it as the HTC One S. You know what that means. Read more

Nokia Normandy Android phone passes through Asian certification

February 13, 2014



nokia normandy

So we’re anticipating the arrival of the Normandy, Nokia’s very first Android phone. Nokia exec allegedly confirmed this yesterday and now we hear that the phone was recently certified in Malaysia and Indonesia. This could be somewhat related to the Asian executive giving a hint.

Read more

Tokyo gets 3D Google Maps Images

January 27, 2014

tokyo 3d google maps

I knew that time will come we’d need 3D maps. I even imagine that someday we’ll see a holographic version. You know, the Star Wars kind or maybe something like from an Iron Man movie. But no need to wait that long as Google recently rolled out 3D maps of Tokyo. I haven’t been to Japan so I’m excited to see at least the city of Tokyo in 3D maps. Read more