[ Green ] Turning off monitor saves a lot of money, study says

October 10, 2013

No need to look for the greenest monitor to save money and energy. Switching off screen at work after hours is still the greenest way. Read more

[ Green Gadgets ] Solar Case iPowerUp fueled by solar power

October 7, 2013

Gadget Specialist iPowerUp has a new green offering in the form of the iPower SGIII solar case. It’s an ecological protective case that comes with an integrated spare battery (lithium – polymer battery, 1600 mAh) for the Samsung Galaxy S III. Oh yes, not for your iPhone, sorry. Read more

LG rolls out more affordable LED lit TVs

September 27, 2013

LG is known for its TVs and there is no stopping this South Korean electronics giant. At CEDIA 2013, LG introduced a pair of new LED lit LCD TVs: the 65-inch and 55-inch LA9650 priced at $5,000 and $3,000.

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Tesla working on a 400-mile battery pack for EVs

September 23, 2013

I wish I could drive a Tesla but I know I won’t be able to own one anytime soon. It’s too pricey. Maybe a decade from now?

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Solar tech industry seeing job cuts

September 20, 2013

Going green may be in but it’s not always a good business. Why, solar industry in Germany even has to cut down about 40 percent of jobs. This is compared to last year’s number of empoyees. Solar cell manufacturing industry now only has about 5,830 employees, down by 41 percent from last year’s number. Companies have been cutting off some jobs lately.
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H20-powered PC now possible

September 19, 2013


A computer running on water? Why not. Something running on H20 is nothing new although some seems impossible but as technology advances, we’ll soon see more gadgets that are eco-efficient and green. Read more

[GreenGadgets] GO Recycle Bin

September 13, 2013

Gooddss Passion

I’m passionate about going green although I must admit it’s not easy to do. I need a system that allows me to easily sort my trash. Something like the GO Recycle Bin by Gooddss Passion. Read more

LG’s Curved OLED TV rolls out in Germany

August 26, 2013


OLED TVs have a bright future but they’re still expensive. Samsung is at the forefront even lowering the price of their OLED TV models. LG is joining the bandwagon by showcasing the 55EA9800 mode, a 55-inch CURVED OLED TV, in Germany. Read more

Elecom’s smartphone extended batteries made chic

August 23, 2013


Elecom is still in the business and it just released new batteries for smartphones. Admit it, most phone batteries don’t last a day. They may be powerful but with all its features (WiFi, 3G, GPS, camera, games, Facebook, etc.), you’re lucky if your phone can last the whole day. I, for one, charge my iPhone 4 at least twice a day because the WiFi is always on at home. When I’m out, I turn on and use the 3G connectivity. Read more

Upcoming Tesla SuperCharger stations to charge quicker at half the time

May 31, 2013

Tesla SuperCharging stations

We already know that Tesla will be adding more Supercharger stations across the US. That’s one exciting news but what we don’t know is that Tesla is also speeding up charging time. Read more