Nintendo Wii Fit U coming this January 10

January 9, 2014



Wii Fit U by Nintendo will finally hit the stores this January 10. The fitness game will come in a bundle complete with the new Fit Meter, Wii Balance Board accessory, and Wii U GamePad controller for only $49. That’s already cheap because the Fit Meter alone costs $20.


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Sony PlayStation 4 outsold Xbox One last November

December 16, 2013

sony ps4

Earlier this month we learned that Sony thinks PS4 will outsell the PS3. NPD recently shared that the Playstation 4 was the top console last November, outselling the Xbox One. This was in North America only where about 2.1 million units of the PS4 were sold. Xbox One came close with only two million. Read more

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for Mobile now available

December 12, 2013

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for Mobile now available

A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned that Rockstar Games would be launching the “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” for mobile. No need to wait as it’s now available on iTunes but for a price. The $6.99 mobile game is supported by most iOS devices so whether you have an iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, or iPod touch, you can enjoy GTA as you would on a console. Read more

Sony PS4 will outsell PS3

December 6, 2013

sony ps4

Geeks are saying the PS4 will outsell the Xbox One. But ne we’re hearing the Sony PS4 will even outsell the PS3. Not surprising since it’s been seven years since the launch of the Playstation 3. Read more

Nintendo Wii U to sell more this Christmas

December 6, 2013

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo is doing not so great with the Wii U as poor sales are being reported. There is still hope though but the launch of Sony PS4 and the Xbox One might make it more challenging. The arrival of Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 might change the game when they come to the mobile gaming console early next year. Read more

Sony PS4 not getting all PSN features at launch in Australia, Europe, and New Zealand

November 29, 2013

sony ps4

The new Sony PS4 has been a success selling one million units within the first 24 hours. While we haven’t heard from its rival Xbox One, we know the Sony PS4 is making waves. The Playstation Network is proof that Sony is busy as the network is experiencing a lot of strain. Read more

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for Mobile arriving this December

November 27, 2013

grand theft auto

Much has been said about the Grand Theft Auto. The recent release of the GTA Online has been a success and now we hear that the ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ is launching next month. Read more

Nintendo giving away Wii U bundles to lucky Southwest Airlines customers

November 26, 2013

Nintendo giving away Wii U bundles to lucky  Southwest Airlines customers

After allowing gadget use during landing and takeoff and offering WiFi gate-to-gate, Southwest Airlines is set to make more customers happy by giving away 100 Nintendo Wii U consoles. This is part of a Thanksgiving promo to thank more than a hundred customers who will be landing in Dallas Love Field. Read more

Microsoft Xbox One now available

November 22, 2013

The waiting game is over, the latest gaming console from Redmond is here. The Xbox One, the new generation entertainment console from Microsoft is now out in the market. Read more

Grand Theft Auto iFruit app now available for Windows Phone

November 20, 2013

windows phone ifruit grand theft auto

Nothing much to say here but for fans of Grand Theft Auto, you might be glad that the iFruit companion app for Windows Phone is now available. The app has been out for other mobile device for two months already but it’s only now that Windows Phone users are getting it. Read more