Adios A-MeeGo: Intel to Discontinue Development of MeeGo OS

September 6, 2011

Digitimes reports that Intel plans to discontinue development for its MeeGo operating system due to ‘a lack of enthusiasm’ for the platform. Instead, the report says Intel will divert its attention to ‘handset platforms to be paired with either Android or Windows Phone in 2012″. Read more

U.S. FDA Issues Draft Guidance Over Mobile Medical Apps

July 20, 2011

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a draft guidance and is seeking input on oversight over applications intended for use on mobile platforms or mobile apps. Read more

Skype for Android Gets US 3G Voice Calls

April 20, 2011

The latest version of Skype for the Android platforms has enabled 3G voice calling in the US addressing the complaints of users about this IM/Voip software. The 3G calling has been enjoyed by Android users outside the US but only now that Skype’s Version has 3G calling enabled. Read more

[TechMediaWatch] October 1: Facebook, Nvidia, AOL, Google Wave, Craigslist, ViaSat

October 1, 2009

At 60 M.P.H., Office Work Is a High-Risk Job
For those who have turned their vehicles into wired offices, the convenience of constant contact and work efficiency outweighs the risk of a wreck. (NYT)+++

Facebook Offers Translation Tool to Other Sites
Facebook is directing its army of users to help translate other sites and applications around the Web.(NYT)+++

AOL Hires Another Ex-Google Executive
The Googlization of AOL’s upper management ranks continues. On Tuesday, AOL, the struggling Internet unit of Time Warner, announced it had hired Shashi Seth as its senior vice president of global advertising products. Mr. Seth worked at Google in a variety of senior roles, including product lead for Web search and head of monetization efforts (NYT)+++ Read more

Gmail out to become the email monopoly with new Import option

May 14, 2009

Google seems to be serious about becoming our one-stop shop personal manager, what with everything it has to offer, be it great email options, several other Google features, then the Calender with the Tasks pane option offered yesterday, and now with the ability to import contacts and mail from Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL. I pretty much see a monopoly coming into picture now.

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New security chip by Fujitsu lets you lock off your crucial info.

May 8, 2009

fujitsu-laptop-security by you.

With security increasingly becoming a concern, Fujitsu seems to have a somewhat exciting answer to overcome security hurdles. If you’re someone who stores crucial information on your laptop, you’re going to love what you’re about to read.

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Large format Sony Reader eBook: Wait till 2010 for colour e-paper launch

May 8, 2009

flexible_color_e-paper-ebook by you.

Looks like Amazon Kindle lovers are going to have to wait another year to enjoy color displays, if what DigiTimes has to say comes true. Apparently, PVI said that it’s going to be at least 2010 by the time it gets its hues sorted out, so you’re not going to see colour displays on readers anytime soon.

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Windows 7 sparks complains from Microsoft and Opera

May 7, 2009

Windows 7 by you.

Microsoft really knows how to get its way marketing it’s stuff without having to shell a penny, and getting publicity good or bad (they say “any publicity is good publicity” right?). The latest example of this can be experienced when you decide to use the Release Candidate (RC) version of Windows 7. Click on the Express option when installing it, and you would know what I am talking about.

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Windows 7 really better than Vista

April 30, 2009

Windows 7 by you.The Windows 7 screenshot here makes me want to try the new Microsoft OS even just the beta version. I usually wait for full versions of any software or gadget but maybe not this time. Gizmodo recently tested the new OS and found out that it really is better than the Windows Vista in raw benchmarks. Read more

More developers working on Palm Pre apps

April 29, 2009

Palm Pre webOS emulator  by you.Palm Pre may have not officially launched but seems like a lot of people are getting their hands on the new smartphone. This means too that more developers are working on the SDK emulator if we are to believe these screenshots. Read more