MWC 2012: LG intros three new L-series phones

LG L-series phones

LG will be showcasing three new phones at the MWC later this month in Barcelona. The company went ahead and revealed the trio: the L3, L5, and L7. All three smartphones run Ice Cream Sandwich Android and some 4-inch plus displays. mehr »

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Spotify reaches 1.4 million subscribers

US Spotify

It’s been only less than a month since Spotify was launched in the US and the website already have 1.4 million subscribers. Growth is very fast and it’s becoming more popular each day as the music streaming service is in Europe. mehr »

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Scary cool: Burt Ruton designs Flying Car

Burt Ruton Hybrid Flying Car

As a kid growing up watching futuristic movies and cartoons I always thought it would be a cool idea to own a flying car and there were many others like myself. But unfortunately that would have to stay a childhood dream, Right? Wrong. To this date a palm-full of people have tried to make this dream a reality. One such person is Burt Ruton  who created the 367 Bipod . mehr »

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Samsung Sold 5 Million Galaxy S II Handsets in 85 Days

Samsung today announced that it has now sold more than 5 million of its flagship Galaxy S II smartphones in just about 3 months since it was launched. The S II became the company’s fastest selling smartphone when it hit the 3 million unit shipped milestone in just 55 days. mehr »

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Samsung Q2 sales better than Apple, Nokia

samsung apple nokia smartphones

Last week, we mentioned Apple rules over Android according to Good. Today though, we’ve got a report that Samsung lords over Apple and Nokia in 2Q 2011 smartphone sales. mehr »

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Google+ app for iPhone announced

Google+ app for iPhone

Only a few weeks after its beta launch, the latest social networking website Google+ already has its own iPhone app. I immediately downloaded the app on my iPhone and tried it. So far, so good. mehr »

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Total Android Activations Reach 130 Million

While the popular mobile OS Android is on fire with Oracle patent claims, the numbers favorable to Google continue to skyrocket. In a recent release from Google, mehr »

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Apple Now Third Largest PC Vendor in the US, HP and Dell Still On Top

Latest data from Gartner says Apple has surged past Acer and Toshiba, becoming the third largest PC vendor in the USA. With a market share of 10.7%, Apple comes behind Dell, with 22.6 market share while HP remains on top with 26.9% share of the PC market. mehr »

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Infographic: Twitter Serves API Calls More than Facebook and Google Combined

ReadWriteWeb today posted an infographic illustrating the amount of API traffic per day achieved by popular sites Twitter, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Ebay and Klout. And it looks like the busiest of them all, is Twitter, which servers 15 billion API transactions per day. mehr »

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Nokia Sued for Infringing UI, Messaging Patents

Helferich Patent Licensing sued Finnish mobile phone company Nokia in the U.S. Distric Court for the Northern District of Illinois for infringing seven mobile patents pointing to push messaging and user interface patents. mehr »

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Samsung to release new Nexus Phone

Samsung Nexus Phone

We’re just waiting for the next Nexus Android phone but today, we’ve heard of rumors that the next one will be by Samsung. This is according to a tweet from Samsung Romania. mehr »

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The Lion to be released very soon

Mac OS X Lion

The Lion is coming very soon. The Apple website only says this July so Mac users better watch out if you want to be one of the firsts to download the new OS X. mehr »

Posted on Jul 12, 2011 in ALL NEWS, Apple, Top News 2
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