Virgin Media tests 1.5GBps in London

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I wish I live in London especially now that Virgin Media is testing its 1.5Gbps Internet which is way faster than the 105Mpbs connectivity in Kansas. I’m content with my 12MBps as it’s fast enough that I don’t have to wait for YouTube videos to buffer. I can’t imagine multiplying that by almost ten as in Kansas and what more in London.The 1.5GBps is just fast I could feel the websites opening even before I click ‘enter’ or maybe downloading a movie would only take a second. mehr »

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Amazon Updates Kindle App on iOS Devices, Now Offers 100 Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions

In response to Apple’s new terms and conditions that prohibits applications linking to external sites, mehr »

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Sony intros three new Cyber-shot camera models

Sony Cyber-shot

Sony recently added new Cyber-Shot models into their lineup. There’s the DSC-W550, DSC-TX55, and the DSC-WX30. All three models are equipped with TransferJet Technology, and HD video and photo capture. mehr »

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U.S. FDA Issues Draft Guidance Over Mobile Medical Apps

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a draft guidance and is seeking input on oversight over applications intended for use on mobile platforms or mobile apps. mehr »

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AT&T CEO: DSL Broadband is Obsolete

Speaking before the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners in Los Angeles, California, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, reportedly called his company’s DSL broadband DSL technology “obsolete.” mehr »

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[VIDEO] Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 ‘Sea Ray’ Leaked

Shot in a Chinese factory floor, this clip reveals an N9-looking device removed from a case which booted up into Windows Phone 7 OS. Video after the break. mehr »

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HP Pre 3 Boosted to 1.2Ghz Dual-Core Processor

A week before the rumored release date of HP’s flagship webOS phone, the Pre 3 gets a spec boost based on an update on their website. mehr »

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Next-generation Apple iPhone 5 out this August 16?

Apple iPhone 5 Apple iphone 2011

A lot has been said about the still unconfirmed iPhone 5 but here’s another interesting news: the next-gen iPhone 5 is coming this August. That is, according to CNET UK who spotted a listing for ‘full time iPhone sales staff’ in the UK. New job listing may mean a new product is coming. And you know how people can get crazy when there’s a new iPhone. Apple Stores certainly need all the help. mehr »

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Kindle 3G Drops Another $50 in Price Thanks to Ads and AT&T

In an attempt to stay ahead on the e-reader race, Amazon, together with AT&T is selling its ad-supported Kindle 3G for just $139 – that is if you don’t mind ads popping-up on your Kindle. And with a partnership with telecom giant AT&T, you can now enjoy free 3G mobile connectivity for the price of a Wifi-only Kindle. mehr »

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Fujitsu intros new color e-paper module

Fujitsu e-paper module

Recently at the International Digital Publishing Expo, Fujitsu showed of a new cholesteric LCD color digital paper module. This new e-paper module is one of the latest from the company that boasts of having better color replication range, contrast, and brightness as described. mehr »

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Apple iOS 5 Beta 3 jailbroken, Sn0wbreeze update out for developers

iOS 5 beta 3 jailbroken snowbreeze

Can we say no iOS version will be left NOT jailbroken? It’s been proven time and again that all iOS (iPhone OS) releases will be jailbroken. It’s only a question of when. The latest iOS 5 Beta 3 was quickly hacked by a developer hours after its release and the mobile OS has not even gone a public release. mehr »

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Toyota working on the Scion iQ Electric Vehicle

Toyota Scion iQ

Toyota seems to be getting more serious with its electric vehicles that aside from the Prius, there is also the Scion iQ. This electric car will be released next year in a very small form. The current version features a 1 liter engine, ready to travel with 65 miles per gallon. The upcoming electric vehicle model though is also expected to run 65 miles per hour. mehr »

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