[IFA 2013] New HTC One phones, Fetch introduced

HTC is one of those phone manufacturers that are doing well. It may not be as successful as Apple and Samsung but it’s thriving. Recently at IFA, this mobile specialist presented new colors of the HTC One family. There’s now Stealth Black, Glamour Red, Vivid Blue, and Glacial Silver as color choices. mehr »

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[IFA 2013] Panasonic shows off Camera Manager #Video

Over at IFA, Panasonic was showing of a number of new cameras. The brand went to Berlin to showcase new products like the VIERA WT600 and the Toughpad 4K Tablet. mehr »

[IFA 2013] Panasonic Smart VIERA WT600: World’s First 4K Ultra HDTV with almost 8 Million pixels

Just in time for the biggest tech event in Berlin, Panasonic shows off the latest Smart Viera TV set: the VIERA WT600. The new Viera is a 65-inch 4K 60-fps TV that boasts of more than eight million pixels. mehr »

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[IFA 2013] Aupeo brings you music while inside the tunnel


The first radio for auto was first installed in Ford’s Model T. Since then, generations of automobiles have been produced and with the cars come the improvement in the quality of portable music systems. There are a lot of systems available in the market but gaining more popularity now are downloaded music and music streaming. mehr »

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[IFA 2013] TechFieber live in Berlin!


We’ll be there. We’ll be covering the IFA 2013 and we’ll be hosting the “MotorBlog Talks: Connected Cars“.

AND… We’re giving away tickets to IFA. Did you get yours?

[IFA 2013]

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We’re giving away tickets to IFA!

ifa 2013 techfever

The IFA 2013 opens its doors and we’re giving away free 10 tickets and exciting gadgets to our loyal readers. If you’re lucky (and if you’re in that part of the world), you can attend the biggest tech show so you’ll see the latest technology. And since we’re feeling generous, you get a seat at our “MotorBlog Talks: Connected Cars” conference.

How to win tickets:

Just follow Motorblog_de or Techfieber on Twitter or leave a message on the comment box on this post. Tell us in a few words why you want to attend IFA 2013 in Berlin.

Motorblog Talks: Connected Cars at IFA 2013 will be on September 6, 2013, Friday – 3:30 PM.

We are also giving away free gadgets sponsored by Philips and Sennheiser, a TomTom Go 400 GPS, and Spotify coupons.

Giveaway of tickets will end this September 4, 2013 – 23:00 pm. Winners will receive access code by e-mail.


[Link ]

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[IFA 2013] MotorBlog Talks: Connected Cars

Connected Cars

It’s showtime! I told you we’ll be busy this week. Aside from that blogger contest at TechFieber, our friends at will hold its first ever conference at the IFA 2013 in Berlin. mehr »

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[IFA 2013] Samsung Teaser Video for Berlin #Video

Samsung Teaser Video for Berlin

It’s IFA season once more. Berlin will be busy the next few days. We’re gearing up for the event just like Samsung who seems to be all set to roll out a lot of new gadgets. We know that the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and Galaxy Note 3 will be unleashed this coming September 4. mehr »

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[IFA 2013] Wanted: Bloggers to attend the IFA 2013

IFA 2013

Bloggers wanted! In Germany!

Our German friends have partnered with Dyson to bring five bloggers to the IFA next month. The biggest tech show in the world is just around the corner and I’m pretty sure a lot of geeks are excited to see new high-tech innovations including the new ones from Dyson. mehr »

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[IFA 2012] Sony 4K TV costs $25,000

 Sony Bravia XBR-84X900

I told you we’re not yet done with the IFA features. Why, there were just too many products showcased you don’t know what to focus on. The most eye-catching among them all though is a 4K TV by Sony: the Bravia XBR-84X900. mehr »

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[IFA 2012] Sony outs HMZ-T2 head-mounted display

Sony HMZ-T2 head-mounted display

Remember last year when we showed you the Sony’s First 3D Compatible Head Mounted Display with HD OLED Panel? And a year later, Sony unveils this: the HMZ-T2 head-mounted display. Such is not yet popular in the market but it certainly has potential. Wait for a months or years, and head mounted displays will be as common. This was demoed at the recently concluded IFA in Berlin and will soon be released in Japan. mehr »

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[IFA 2012] MediaPad 10 Full HD Tablet announced by Huawei

Huawei MediaPad 10 Full HD Tablet

Over at IFA, Chinese mobile gadget giant Huawei introduced a new tablet: the MediaPad 10 Full HD Tablet. mehr »

Posted on Sep 7, 2012 in ALL NEWS, IFA Berlin
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