Smartwatch | Swatch adds NFC payments to make it smarter #video

Smartwatch | Swatch adds NFC payments to make it smarter #video

Here we go, ladies and gentlemen: This is the next round of the battle for the crown between smart and Apple to get the pole position in the watch business of the future.

The Swiss watchmaker is trying to slow down the Apple Watch fever and will upgrade their watches with NFC payments function – but bring no phone on your wrist. mehr »

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YouTube app update coming soon?

youtube app

Rumor has it that the YouTube app will be updated with more multitasking powers. The refreshed app is said to allow the user to watch one video while looking for another. You may love YouTube so much right now but admit it, it still can be improved to serve your numerous needs. This new feature is ideal for those with two-monitor setup and will be available on the phone and tablet as well. mehr »

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[Video] Lamborghini Aventador picks up a girl from high school


You will never go unnoticed with a Lamborghini. An Azure Blue Lamborghini Aventador is even more attractive especially when a 17-year-old girl is picked up from her high school by it. Allen Wong, an app-developer, wanted to cheer up her neighbor’s daughter one day. He surprised her one day by picking her up and bringing her to Times Square in New York. mehr »

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[Video] New Zealand SPCA trained driving dogs

New Zealand SPCA trained driving dogs

This isn’t a 9gag joke but the dogs you see in this video are really driving. Watching them made me feel more insecure about my driving skills. I’m such a bad driver you wouldn’t want to ride with me. But these dogs, they’re good and cute. Naah, you still wouldn’t risk riding a car with them driving but it’s interesting to know that someday, a dog could actually save you from driving yourself to death. mehr »

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[Video] Possible Death by Electric Fence: Don’t do this please

electric fence shock

Guys, if you really need to pee, don’t just park and relieve yourself anywhere. Make sure you are not standing in front of any fence. Why, you don’t know if the fence can harm you like this electric fence which sparked and knocked two men trying to take a leak. mehr »

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YouTube offers the VHS experience of yesterday

vhs on youtube  

Watching videos on YouTube is so modern, don’t you think? We’re seeing the future, actually. But kids, did you know we used to live in a world where there is no Internet and videos were recorded on VCRs while VHS tapes were rented? Those were the days. You’re lucky to know HD now but YouTube is glad to show you grainy videos on the website for some nostalgia. mehr »

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[Video] Tug-of-War ala Ferrari F50

A pair of Ferrari F50s will only make you green with envy. What these two on the road and imagine you’re driving one. mehr »

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YouTube’s Top Trending Videos of 2012

YouTube Top Trending Videos of 2012

YouTube’s success won’t end anytime soon. This Google-owned social video sharing website has released a list of Top Trending Videos of 2012. Surprisingly (and annoyingly), the first video to ever reach one billion views is number one: Gangnam Style. Honestly, if it weren’t for YouTube‘s list, I wouldn’t be watching the whole video. I don’t understand the fascination with it (apologies to the fans). mehr »

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Christmas Lights Gangnam Style

christmas gangnam style

You might hate me for posting this but allow me to greet you a very Merry Christmas Gangnam style. mehr »

Posted on Dec 18, 2012 in ALL NEWS, Video
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Sharp releases very brilliant ICC Purios 4K 60 LCD TV

Sharp ICC Purios 4K 60  LCD TV

The Sharp ICC Purios was first shown off at the CEATEC 2012 but it’s only now that the 4K 60-inch LCD TV is made available in Japan. The 2.62Million Yen (around $31,300) ICC PURIOS LC-60HP10 by Sharp definitely boasts of a super clear color display that will blow your mind. Features include DLNA, LAN, THX Certification, and USBB HDD recording. mehr »

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[Video] GE and Urban Green Energy set up Sanya Skypumps

GE and Urban Green Energy set up

If you decide to go green, you’d have to be familiar with the ‘green’ lingo or at least only those things that matter. Buying an eco-efficient car would make you love EV charging stations. mehr »

Posted on Aug 14, 2012 in ALL NEWS, Green, MOTOR, Video

Roku players to do Vudu streaming soon?

Walmart ad Vudu streaming Roku player

No official announcement yet but Roku might do Vudu streaming soon. This is according to a Walmart ad hinting about the possibility. mehr »

Posted on Jun 7, 2012 in ALL NEWS, Video
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