Canon outs PowerShot N Facebook camera

Canon PowerShot N Facebook camera

Android cameras are becoming more popular each day. Canon just joined the bandwagon by rolling out the PowerShot N. Hailed as the Facebook camera, this thin was first seen at the CES earlier this year. It can be rotated and comes equipped with the following: mehr »

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3D Pentax Concept Camera is for the blind

Designer Prevoteau Mathieu

A concept camera for the blind? I don’t get the point but I admire the noble intention of designer Prevoteau Mathieu. The blind are known to have sensitive imagination and intuitiveness that they could “see” the wonders of things. To help the blind “see” their surroundings is a conceprt 3D Pentax camera. The camera prints 3D images of the photos captured. Obviously, this is inspired by the 3D printing technology. mehr »

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Ricoh intros new GR compact camera

Ricoh GR compact 16-megapixel APS-C sensor

Ricoh recently outed a new camera in the form of the GR. This cam is an advanced compact that comes equipped with a pop-up flash, Eye-Fi card support, 18.3 mm f/2.8 lens, 16MP APS-C-sized sensor, ISO 25,600 sensitivity, continuous autofocus, and 1080 / 30p AF video and 4 fps shooting capabilities. mehr »

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Google Nexus 5 to sport a Nikon camera?


The Google Nexus 4 seems to be a hit. The Internet giant is rumored to be already preparing the next Nexus model and it will have Nikon camera technology. We’re hearing a “triple sensor” array so we’re guessing the Nexus 5 Android phone will be targeted for the click-happy geeks. mehr »

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Casio’s 20.1MP EX-ZS30 compact shooter unveiled

Casio EX-ZS30 compact digital camera

A 20.1 megapixel shooter was recently announced by Casio: the Exilim EX-ZS30 digital camera. This compact camera looks classy in a stainless steel body and impresses with its 26mm wide-angle lens, 6x optical zoom lens, dedicated buttons, Premium Auto mode, macro and night scene modes, eight artsy filters, and Dynamic Photo character presets. mehr »

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Samsung releases WiFi-only version of the Galaxy camera

Samsung Galaxy WiFi Camera

Samsung’s Galaxy cameras have been very successful that other manufacturers are following suit. The cellular version of the Galaxy camera has been successful but others don’t really need to connect to 3G or 4G. WiFi connection is enough for other people and Samsung finally heard our prayers by releasing a more affordable WiFi Galaxy camera. mehr »

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Apple files patent for new camera software

apple iphone camera patent filing

The iPhone 5′s camera is already great. I’ve always been impressed with the cameras installed in Apple phones through the years but the Cupertino company can still do better. mehr »

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Canon PowerShot N unveiled

 Canon PowerShot N

Canon recently rolled out a new compact camera in the form of the PowerShot N camera. Yep, it’s another PowerShot cam but this one boasts of photographic flexibility allowing you to shoot from high or low angles, horizontally, or diagonally. mehr »

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[CES 2013] Camera Trends: Retro to tough cameras this year

Retro to tough cameras this year

Looks like the trend now for cameras is to go old-school. It’s either that or go more rugged than it is. It’s true that innovations in camera technology are rapidly being embraced by manufacturers. At present, we have mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lens or weatherproof cameras for outdoor use. This week at the CES, we see a lot of new cameras that will make an amateur photographer feel like a real pro. mehr »

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One billion cameras in phones, tablets sold in 2012

 one billion cameras and tablets sold in 2012

Gadgets. Oh gadgets. There are just too many gadgets in the world. Recently, ABI Research showed that last year, more than a billion cameras installed in tablets and phones have shipped. Compact cameras are not included in the number. mehr »

[CES 2013] Polaroid to launch Polaroid Fotobar, first store opens this February

polaroid retail stores in 2013

More CES news and this time from Polaroid. The camera manufacturer is set to announce its retail stores at the tech event next week. From previous announcement that it’s going out of instant photography business years ago, Polaroid is sure to make a big comeback that it’s now launching retails stores in the US. Polaroid Fotobar stores will soon be open to the public to turn digital photos in real art. mehr »

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[ChristmasFever 2012] [Video] All I want for Christmas is this Human Camera…

human camera

Watching the following video got me smiling the whole time. By the time it’s over though, I found it somehow weird. But of course, the Japanese are known for anything cute, quirky, and kawaii. A human camera that requires touch to snap photos won’t be much welcome in some countries but in Japan, it’s deemed cute. At least, that’s what artist Eric Siu thinks of his creation which aims to promote real human interaction. mehr »

Posted on Dec 27, 2012 in ALL NEWS, Gadgets, Geek
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