Facebook working on “Sympathize” button

facebook sympathize

Facebook is still the top social network. It’s no longer a favorite of mine but I still enjoy looking at my friends’ posts. Well, not all of them. I’ve stopped “liking” their annoying statuses. Honestly, the like button isn’t always appropriate so Facebook is believed to be working on a “Sympathize” button. mehr »

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WhatsApp beats Facebook on messaging


I’ve stopped spending a lot on SMS because there’s WiFi almost everywhere that I can just send a message to anyone. Plus there’s Viber and WhatsApp, online text-messaging services that make our lives easier and cheaper too. mehr »

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Facebook joins GSM Association

Facebook has transformed into a bigger network from a small startup. We can say that Mark Zuckerburg’s baby has revolutionized a lot of even smaller startups especially after the boom of app development. It’s not surprising that Facebook is joining the GSM Association since the social network is now easily accessible on mobile. mehr »

Posted on Nov 11, 2013 in ALL NEWS, Mobile
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Microsoft and Facebook to sponsor Internet Bug Bounty

Facebook and Microsoft recently joined forces to make the Internet safer and more secure. The two big companies are sponsoring an Internet Bug Bounty program that aims to discover various possible vulnerabilities in the web. mehr »

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BlackBerry in talks with Facebook?

BlackBerry in talks with Facebook?

We’re watching BlackBerry closely as we don’t want to miss what’s going to happen. The Canadian company was first offered a $4.7 billion investment by Prem Watsa. T-Mobile and Rogers have started to exclude BlackBerry phones from their lineup. Kik and Blackberry have also settled out of court over patent issues. mehr »

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Facebook, Cisco partner to offer shoppers free WiFi access

Called as the Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) for Facebook Wi-Fi service, this one works by allowing you to connect to Facebook and do a local check-in.

I can imagine going crazy shopping but I don’t think I have time to access WiFi and check-in on Facebook. If I’m shopping, I’m totally shopping.


Posted on Oct 3, 2013 in ALL NEWS
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Facebook is now worth $110 billion


Facebook has recently hit an all time high, going up to $45.09 on Wednesday and close at 3 percent higher at $45.04.

This brings Facebook to be worth around $100 billion (83 million euros). This also makes Facebook as the largest online network in the world today with over 1.15 billion users. mehr »

Posted on Sep 12, 2013 in ALL NEWS, TechBusiness, TechStats

[Social Media] Instagram to serve ads starting 2014

Instagram to serve ads starting 2014

Starting next year, the very popular online photo sharing service Instagram will no longer be ad-free. Like you, I don’t like this news because Instagram is my top social network but business is business and seems like Facebook is determined to make more money off Instagram.
mehr »

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Instagram buys Luma video-sharing app

instagram luma

Instagram became popular so fast back in 2011. The next year, Facebook purchased the company for such a high price of $1 billion. A couple of months ago, it added the Video feature to rival Vine. The Video quality is okay but it can be improved big time. mehr »

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Canon outs PowerShot N Facebook camera

Canon PowerShot N Facebook camera

Android cameras are becoming more popular each day. Canon just joined the bandwagon by rolling out the PowerShot N. Hailed as the Facebook camera, this thin was first seen at the CES earlier this year. It can be rotated and comes equipped with the following: mehr »

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[Social Media ] Hacker cracked Facebook page of Mark Zuckerberg

Hackers cracked Facebook page of Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook gives a cash reward to anyone who can spot vulnerabilities of the social network. However, a Palestinian hacker was refused a payment despited being able to hack Mark Zuckerberg’s own Facebook Page. mehr »

Posted on Aug 21, 2013 in ALL NEWS, Social Media, Web, Web 2.0

Facebook to buy Mobile Technologies

Facebook to buy Mobile Technologies

There really is no stopping Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook is acquiring Mobile Technologies, a speech recognition startup. Mobile Technologies is the same group behind Jibbigo iOS/Android app that translates text into other languages. mehr »

Posted on Aug 13, 2013 in ALL NEWS, TechBusiness
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