Nice: Nokia BH-112 Headset can be used with multiple phones

Nokia BH-112 Bluetooth

Looking for a change when it comes to your cellphone’s headset? Then you might want to consider Nokia’s new line of BH 112 bluetooth headsets. The BH-112 is actually compatible with any mobile phone. Plus it offers a really cool feature that allows it to connect to more than one phone via multi-point connections. That alone makes this a really cool headset on my list.

Plus: The Bh 112 is available in five fashionable colors; magenta, cyan, green, black and white and it comes with matching ear buds.   mehr »

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[Video] VINCI Tab: Kid Proof Android Tablet…for kids

vinci tab kids tablet

Everyone is getting “teched” out and trying to keep up with technology as it speedily upgrades itself, seemingly almost daily. To not be a part of the technology world is like not living. Well, at least to most people. So the question is; why should toddlers be left out of this? Surely it couldn’t be because they are too young and will break stuff right? Of course not! (Sarcastically rolls eyes).

Well meet VINCI the toddler proof tab, complete with tempered glass and soft chewable edges for the little rascals. It was created with the little ones in mind FOR The little ones. They will be able to do almost anything they want with it with a much decreased chance of damaging it, compared to the adult version of the Android Tablet. mehr »

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Rockband 3 Keyboard coming soon

 Rock Band 3

The Rock Band is perhaps one of the best gaming consoles in the market today. Those who can’t really play musical instruments can be rockstars just by playing the songs with their Rock Band instruments. I find the set actually very fun and entertaining. Soon, the Rock Band 3 will “rock” the world as it will feature new gameplay modes for players and that includes a keyboard. mehr »

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MSI launches GT660 laptop

MS Dynaudio  gaming notebook

MSI just rolled out their latest GT660 laptop. We’ve seen this way back in February but it’s only now that the Taiwanese computer manufacturer is revealing the specs. This 16-inch lappie features MSI’s very own Turbo Drive Engine+, quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU, 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285M graphics chipset, three DDR3 RAM slots, 500GB hard drive, two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI output, and a 9-cell battery. mehr »

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Nintendo 3DS to be more powerful?

Nintendo 3DS

We already mentioned before that the next Nintendo gaming console will be a 3DS. Some say that it will be powerful than the Wii even without the Tegra chip included. These are just rumors but since a project with codename “CTR” was unveiled, it only makes sense that this has something to do with the Nintendo 3DS because of the Nintendo motherboard used. mehr »

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New MacMinis to be launched at the WWDC?

mac mini

We’re just counting the hours until the doors to WWDC is opened. But more speculations abound. The latest is that a new Mac Mini will be introduced soon. mehr »

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MobileMe now free?


Here’s another rumor for you: MobileMe will now be free. That is, if we are to believe that some MobileMe users are seeing their individual accounts to ‘full member’. Later at the WWDC, it may or may not be announced that the syncing service is now available for all. mehr »

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Computex 2010: ASUS launches new gaming lappies

ASUS G73JW and G53 gaming laptops

ASUS also showed of their newest gaming laptops at the Computex. The 15.6-inch ROG G53 and 17-inch G73JW were launched as the first laptops on the world to integrate SiBEAM, Inc.’s WirelessHD technology. This technology is said to allow wireless beaming of full HD 1080p content to an HDTV via a small set top receiver box as described. mehr »

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Yet another set of Hello Kitty iPhone cases

Do I need to tell you what these are? Hello Kitty iPhone cases, my friend. mehr »

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ViewQuest Pocket WiFi Radio is the smallest in the world today


The ViewQuest Pocket WiFi Radio is said to be the smallest portable WiFi internet radio in the world today. Now is your chance to tune into the Internet radio because the size makes it more mobile now. mehr »

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Microsoft Project Natal is almost here

Microsoft Project Natal

Very soon, we’ll be seeing Microsoft’s Project Natal. Finally, the E3 is drawing to a lose and that means we can play with the new gaming hardware. We’ve only got photos taken by Engadget to show you as no one was allowed to play with the gaming console at the D8 stage earlier this week. mehr »

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ASUS intros RoG G53 3D gaming laptop

ASUS RoG G53 laptop

ASUS seems to be very busy this week what with all the products they are announcing. Another addition to their lineup is the RoG G53 laptop. What makes this portable netbook special is that it offers 3D gaming. mehr »

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