Chinese gaming addict has been living in an Internet cafe for 6 years

chinese gamer addicted for six year 

A young man has been living inside an Internet cafe for six years in Changchun, China without any interruption. Li Meng goes out to buy food and take a shower occasionally. He spends most of his hours playing online games. mehr »

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Another Game from Zynga on Google+


Zynga has added another one of their games to Google+. After Zynga’s announcement last month that they were going to be partnering with Google +; they started of with Zynga Poker. This time it is CityVille, of course called CityVille + on the Google platform. Angry Birds is the most popular game on Google+ right now. mehr »

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[IFA] Angry Birds Speakers Take the Game Feud to another Level

The hilarious, emotional and addictive ” Angry Birds” game has worked it’s way into the hearts of many and onto the floors of IFA. There are a lot of people who for some reason  now have the pigs on their to assassinate list and take it quite seriously. That may get even more complicated after seeing the new Angry Birds Speakers from Gear4.

They come in all Angry Bird forms, except the yellow and blue bird (and that is a shame). Along with the militant angry green pig. The green pig is the iPod dock version. While the black and red Angry Birds are plug and play speakers. If you know you really have a vendetta against the evil green pigs; then please do yourself and others a favor by NOT getting the speaker in that form. I am sure you would not like to lose your screws and end up throwing rocks at the poor speaker and maybe hitting your iPod in the process. Not a good occurrence. mehr »

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[Video] KT’s Spider smartphone gets you back in love with techno-convergence

There is nothing more I love than the convergence of technology, and looks like the Korean company KT has done a fabulous job at that. KT’s Spider, that 4.5 inch screened phone is not just a phone, but also a laptop and gaming console. And how does it manage that? Well, connect a D-pad with buttons that connect it to the Spider via Bluetooth and you are all set to game the night away. mehr »

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Playstation Vita: Release date Pushed to March 30, 2012…Sucks

Sony PS Vita Coming 30th March 2012

Game lovers all over the world, including myself are excitedly awaiting the releae of the brand new PlayStation Vita, which promises to take game play to a whole other level. It is the last form to be released of the PSP2 (also called NGP).

What contributes to my excitement with this game console is the features it has. Every time I think about it I get an excited giddy feeling in my head and a grin on my face. There has never been any portable game system quite like it, with a OLED screen, WiFi, 3G, a motion sensor and a multitouch screen in the fron and a rear mutlitouch pad in the back! Gaming pleasure will be increased 10 fold. mehr »

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Razer Vespula Mousepad


Razer: Vespula mousepad for gamers

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Rockband 3 Keyboard coming soon

 Rock Band 3

The Rock Band is perhaps one of the best gaming consoles in the market today. Those who can’t really play musical instruments can be rockstars just by playing the songs with their Rock Band instruments. I find the set actually very fun and entertaining. Soon, the Rock Band 3 will “rock” the world as it will feature new gameplay modes for players and that includes a keyboard. mehr »

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Nintendo 3DS to be more powerful?

Nintendo 3DS

We already mentioned before that the next Nintendo gaming console will be a 3DS. Some say that it will be powerful than the Wii even without the Tegra chip included. These are just rumors but since a project with codename “CTR” was unveiled, it only makes sense that this has something to do with the Nintendo 3DS because of the Nintendo motherboard used. mehr »

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Computex 2010: ASUS launches new gaming lappies

ASUS G73JW and G53 gaming laptops

ASUS also showed of their newest gaming laptops at the Computex. The 15.6-inch ROG G53 and 17-inch G73JW were launched as the first laptops on the world to integrate SiBEAM, Inc.’s WirelessHD technology. This technology is said to allow wireless beaming of full HD 1080p content to an HDTV via a small set top receiver box as described. mehr »

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Microsoft Project Natal is almost here

Microsoft Project Natal

Very soon, we’ll be seeing Microsoft’s Project Natal. Finally, the E3 is drawing to a lose and that means we can play with the new gaming hardware. We’ve only got photos taken by Engadget to show you as no one was allowed to play with the gaming console at the D8 stage earlier this week. mehr »

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ASUS intros RoG G53 3D gaming laptop

ASUS RoG G53 laptop

ASUS seems to be very busy this week what with all the products they are announcing. Another addition to their lineup is the RoG G53 laptop. What makes this portable netbook special is that it offers 3D gaming. mehr »

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Nintendo DSi XL gets new colors

Nintendo DSi XL

Nintendo is happy to announce their three new colors for the DSi XL. Honestly, I completely forgot about such handheld gaming console but the new yellow model has caught my attention. I’m a sucker for anything yellow so I guess I’d get one when it finally comes out this June 19. Sadly, although those in Japan will get the yellow, green, and blue Nintendo DSi XL’s. mehr »

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