Apple working on an iOS-powered iWatch?

 ipod nano watch

The iPod Nano turned into a watch was just a product of creative and quirky minds. I’m sure Apple didn’t think of the Nano to be used that way but some people are just too excited to be cool. Rumor has it that Apple is launching an official watch product – the iWatch. mehr »

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Apple iPod Touch pre-orders start shipping

apple ipod touch

So Apple really wants you to “bounce” to the nearest Apple Store. If you’re one of the millions who pre-ordered for an iPod Touch, today is your lucky day as the latest touch media player have started shipping. We know of the October release date but no exact date was given. mehr »

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Apple wants you to “bounce” to the music

 apple ipod bounce tv ad

Have you seen the latest iPod commercial? Apple recently posted an ad showing the new iPod Touch, iPod shuffle, and iPod nano “bouncing” around. mehr »

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New iPod Nano to be released this September?

ipod nano

A new iPod Nano is coming too. This is the latest speculation after some people who want to order an iPod Nano were told of a delay until a new version is released this September. mehr »

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[Video] Magnets embedded into arm to hold iPod Nano

Magnets embedded into arm to hold iPod Nano

I’m a watch geek I love my watches quirky and yes, geeky. There are a number of iPod Nano straps we’ve featured already but nothing is like this. Oh wait, there are no straps! Why, Dave Hurban embedded four small magnets into his arm to hold the Nano. mehr »

Posted on May 15, 2012 in ALL NEWS, watches

Could this be the next Apple iPod Nano?

ipod nano with camera 2012

A lot of people believe that this is the next-generation iPod Nano. It still is the same tiny, cute media player that can be worn as a watch but now with a camera. It’s possibly the seventh iPod Nano model. mehr »

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Audman: World’s Smallest Speaker Dock


There are dozens or maybe hundreds of iPhone dock models available in the market today but the Audman is the smallest speaker docking station yet. This tiny Audman dock can also charge the iPhone or iPod. mehr »

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Apple recalling first gen iPod Nano with bad battery

Apple iPod Nano First Gen

I’m not sure if this is good news or bad news but Apple is recalling a batch of the first generation iPod Nano. The models issued last 2005 are said to have bad batteries from one supplier. Some batteries could start a fire. The older a battery gets the most likely it will flame up. mehr »

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Happy 10th Birthday iPod!

Apple iPod History

I could still remember the first time I saw an iPod. It was my cousin’s and I was so amazed because of many reasons. For one, I couldn’t believe he got an MP3 player worth almost $600 back then. And then there’s the fact that I could use the back of the iPod as a mirror. I really though it was amazing. And the clickwheel, oh man, how I loved it! It’s been almost seven years but the iPod has been around more than that. mehr »

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Upcoming iPod Nano model to feature camera, touchscreen display?

iPod Nano with Camera

First story for today is another rumor about Apple. Ever since the WWDC announcement, speculations and rumors have been coming out. One of which is that the next iPod Nano will have a camera. It’s more than a rumor though because it comes with a leaked photo of an iPod Nano. mehr »

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HEX shows off Nano Sport Watch Band in girly colors

HEX Nano Sport Watch Band

Nothing much to say here except these sport wristbands for the iPod Nano are perfect for the ladies. Thanks to HEX for coming up with these yummy colors to choose from. mehr »

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iPod Nano Finally Gets Off Switch and other improvements

While everyone’s attention is on tablets and smartphones nowadays, an update to Apple’s bestselling MP3 player iPod nano received an update which finally lets users actually turn off the device. With the Apple Software 1.1 for the iPod nano the tiny touch-screen MP3 player now lets users turn off the device by holding down the sleep button for a few seconds. Furthermore, the update also configured the sleep button to play or pause the next track (or FM station) when double clicked. The update is available via iTunes.

via GeekyGadgets

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