Looking for an Assist & Pedal Bicycle: Check this Award winning E-Bike

Have you heard about the “Oregon Manifest Constructors Design Challenge”? It’s a competition to design and build a modern day utility bike which should help people adjust their view on how cycles should be. The competition was a great success – and the winner was the 2009 competition winner Tony Pereira.

He won the competition before in 2009 for introducing a U-Lock into the bike frame and this year he has gone way beyond our thinking by designing and building a bike that would replace a car. The bike has got its own engine and electric assist (with the help of a motor). mehr »

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Would you buy a Lamborghini Aventador for $4.7 million?


How much would you be willing to buy a Lamborghini Aventador for?  $400K? Or maybe a maximum of $500k, right. How about its model? I would guess it to be a maximum of $3000? Or maybe 10 grand, right?

But, the news about Robert Gülpen’s Model Lamborghini Aventador price tag just got me flabbergasted. The model is priced at a whopping $4.7 million. Who would even think about buying this car ah? Looks like some people do have some serious money to blow. The shocking part of all this is that the model is millions more than the actual car’s price tag of $379,700. Does it even make sense? It actually does make a little sense if you know about the models insight. mehr »

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Why Not Have a Car That You Can Fold and Put Away?

MIT CityCar

Here is something and new and interesting to look forward to. A new electronic car called the CityCar is being worked on by MIT. Now we all know electric cars already do exists, so the fact that it is electric is not the cool thing about the CityCar. But that it’s a folding car. You heard right; a car that can be folded. mehr »

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Chinese Men ask Car models’ Hand in Marriage

chinese men and car models

Here is an interesting yet quite amusing story. In China these days it is apparently the new in thing to propose to car show models. Why do you ask? China’s young woman to young men ratio is extremely unbalanced. So this is why Chinese men propose in public to attractive women who can’t walk away from their job, like car show models.
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Man Uses Two Phones While Using Knees to Drive? The Hilarity, LMAO!!

driving mobile phone ccf_OregonDOT

How retarded can one person be? David Secker decided to let us know by pulling a very funny road show, an act that would have done well in the circus…maybe as a clown? I think so.

He decided to talk on one phone and text on the other; an act that would be distracting to even a pedestrian on a eerily clear da. But, he was driving and thought nothing wrong with his actions.

When the police stopped him, he proceeded to finish his conversation, before fully acknowledging the police. Holy crap man, he is just something else. mehr »

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Hybrid cars will play a big role in our not-so-distant future

hybrid cars toyota prius techfever
Hybrids cars and like might play a big role in our not-so-distant future with respect to our mobility and economy by reaching 32.1Million in sales.

Fuji Keizai Group, a Japanese research firm reports that production of EV, regular hybrid, plug-in hybrid cars and fuel cars would hit 32.1 million units in 2025. The report mentions that 900,000 such vehicles were sold in 2010 and predicts an increase of 6 fold in 2015 followed by another 6 fold in 2025. mehr »

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[Green Motor] T3 Motions boasts With T3 and R3

T3 Motion R3 prototype

Well as I am sure most people have been realizing, there is a great push towards the electric car movement, mainly for environmental purposes and also to make it cheaper for the consumer to keep up with the high gas prices. The T3 and the R3 made by T3 Motions are two examples of such electric vehicles.

The T3 is not really a car, but an upright standing mobility vehicle looking something like a Segway, except that it has 3 wheels as opposed to two.  It was apparently made for security personnel; if that be the case I will have to become the next Paul Blart to check this out. mehr »

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Gucci Car, Satin Top Drop Top

fiat 500c gucci

Every now and then in the automotive world you may have two companies coming together to create a truly spectacular automobile. Like for example AMG and Mercedes Benz that as a team created super car quality vehicles. mehr »

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Two way charging: Holy Crap, Use The Nissan Leaf to Power The House …?

nissan leaf EV charging battery akku laden green motor

The Nissan Leaf is Nissan’s all electric car and sales for it aren’t doing too badly. But to be perfectly honest with you folks, the first time I layed my eyes on this car it did not grow on me and to this day still hasn’t. Not even a tiny leaf has sprung up, no pun intended.

But after seeing a new development with this vehicle, I might change my mind a bit. Why do you ask? Well, not only will you charge this little Leaf from your home, but Nissan has developed a two way charging system for the Leaf which also allows the vehicle to charge your home as well. mehr »

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A Bike with a Completely plastic Concept: Frii plastic bike

A Bike with a Completely plastic Concept: Frii plastic bike

It seems like every day man is on a never ending quest to redesign the look and construction of things around us, from cars to everyday household appliances.

In this particular case, Bezalel Academy of Art and a design student by the name of Dror Peleg in Israel came out with their prototype bicycle. Now personally I think it looks like a futuristic Fisher-price toy, with its completely plastic frame and wheels. The cool things about it are that it is light weight and you will never have a flat wheel.

frii  bike

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[Video] Naughty Carwash: Denver City Workers Make a Wet and Wild Stop

denver city stripper car wash

Okay. Here is a funny news report, apparently a couple of Denver City works employees thought it would be a good idea to take their work truck to a car wash being put on.

That sounds innocent and all, excepting that the car wash was being hosted by a local gentleman’s club and yup, you guessed it the washers for the day were strippers. Now either that truck was really dirty and that was the nearest carwash or those workers were feeling a bit, how do I say this…randy, and wanted to take in the scenery?

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Pioneer Japan rolls out first Navigation System for electric vehicles

Pioneer Japan AVIC-ZH09-MEV

Recently announced by Pioneer Japan is the AVIC-ZH09-MEV. This one is a Navigation System for electric vehicles, a first of its kind according to its maker. mehr »

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