[IFA] Angry Birds Speakers Take the Game Feud to another Level

The hilarious, emotional and addictive ” Angry Birds” game has worked it’s way into the hearts of many and onto the floors of IFA. There are a lot of people who for some reason  now have the pigs on their to assassinate list and take it quite seriously. That may get even more complicated after seeing the new Angry Birds Speakers from Gear4.

They come in all Angry Bird forms, except the yellow and blue bird (and that is a shame). Along with the militant angry green pig. The green pig is the iPod dock version. While the black and red Angry Birds are plug and play speakers. If you know you really have a vendetta against the evil green pigs; then please do yourself and others a favor by NOT getting the speaker in that form. I am sure you would not like to lose your screws and end up throwing rocks at the poor speaker and maybe hitting your iPod in the process. Not a good occurrence. mehr »

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New Compact Traktor Kontrol s2 Digital DJ System from Native Instruments

Kontrol S2 digital DJ SystemThe DJs and music lovers alike are going to go “bixerk” over this. But, for good reason. After all it is only the perfect system.

Native Instruments has officially introduced their Traktor Kontrol s2 Digital DJ System to the other musically elite creations they already have.  It was designed from the Traktor Pro 2 and offers the freedom and high quality functionality of the Kontrol s4 System  in a simple yet highly functional two-deck design. mehr »

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This is a real musical chair

 musical chair

A certain Jeroen Wesselink designed this Musical Chair that produces sound from each piece as he outfitted music boxes inside. The wooden pieces with music boxes inside were assembled as a chair. The handles attached to each music need to be rotated to play the tunes. mehr »

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Design It Yourself Eco Speakers

This may not give you the booming sound of Bang and Olufsen speakers but hey, would you ever want to doodle on your thousand-dollar speakers? We bet not. But this Design it Yourself eco speakers come with six colored pencils that let’s you customize the cardboard exterior (which also makes this product considerably green), to match your unique playlist. The product page says it has universal compatibility with iPods and other MP3 players so we assume it has 3.5mm output/input but other than that, no technical specs are posted. But if you’re only after the “eco” factor, you can go buy the product here.

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Three Speaker Boombox by TDK Debuts at $499

Just when we thought the iPod docks has taken over the throne of the might ‘ole boomboxes of the past, just wait ’til you see the Three-Speaker Boombox from TDK. While many electronics companies have failed to recreate the boombox and make it blend with the iPod dominated world, TDK will be officially unveiling their own version at the CES on January. Boasting a streamlined design compared to the 1980s version, the TDK one is still a boombox. Equipped with a 35 watt RMS speakers, the Three-Speaker Boombox from TDK also includes iPhone/iPod support via USB, built in AM/FM tuner, an OLED display on the front, with a touch of that old oversized retro knobs.

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apple diy pad stylus

Collin’s Lab用铜线和泡沫为iPad制作了一个,你可以在这里观看视频。

[stylus-for-the-apple-ipad-anyone] [via]

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iHome launches iP49 Travel Alarm Clock and iPod Dock

iHome iP49

Here’s another iPod/iPhone dock that works as an alarm clock too: the iP49. It’s a clamshell iPod dock that makes it perfect to use during travel. Features include the patented Digital Power Station technology, four neodymium compression drivers, customizable snooze times, gradual wake and sleep volume controls, and weekday and weekend alarms. mehr »

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The iDeck iPod Cassette Adapter is what your old car needs

 iDeck iPod Car Cassette Adapter

Yes. The iPod is still alive. In fact, companies are still making iPod docks, iPod cases, and other related accessories. The iDeck here is an iPod dock that connects to a cassette tape deck inside the car. While having an actual iPod dock is enough, some vehicles only have a cassette tape so this one is still useful. mehr »

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Creative launches new ZEN PMPs

Creative ZEN Player

Creative just rolled out their latest ZEN players. There are two series actually, the ZEN X-Fi Style and the ZEN Style series. These portable media players feature similar specs to the previous models but of course, the designs have been updated. mehr »

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Apple awards $10k gift card to 10-billionth downloader


Congratulations to Apple for hitting 10 billion downloads since iTunes store was first launched. The 10-billionaire user was very lucky to be given a $10,000 gift card (what, no cash?). Ten grand is a lot I wonder how that lucky person will be able to finish off the card. Can’t he just exchange it for cash so that he or she could buy more Apple products? mehr »

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CES 2010: Tuner from EverTune keeps guitar always in tune

The EverTune Tuner is an automatic guitar tuner that can keep the guitar always in tune. Recently launched at the CES, this tuner is able to maintain tension on each string so it will not go out of tune ever. mehr »

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Star Wars Lightsaber MP3 player comes from a planet far, far away….(not!)

Star Wars Lightsaber MP3 player

The Star Wars Lightsaber MP3 player is the first I’ve seen and I’m sure Star Wars geeks would love to know there is one available. It features music playback and a microSD card slot so you could listen to your favorite tunes. mehr »

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