Nintendo Wii Fit U coming this January 10



Wii Fit U by Nintendo will finally hit the stores this January 10. The fitness game will come in a bundle complete with the new Fit Meter, Wii Balance Board accessory, and Wii U GamePad controller for only $49. That’s already cheap because the Fit Meter alone costs $20.


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Nintendo Wii U to sell more this Christmas

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo is doing not so great with the Wii U as poor sales are being reported. There is still hope though but the launch of Sony PS4 and the Xbox One might make it more challenging. The arrival of Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 might change the game when they come to the mobile gaming console early next year. mehr »

Posted on Dec 6, 2013 in ALL NEWS, GamingTicker

Nintendo giving away Wii U bundles to lucky Southwest Airlines customers

Nintendo giving away Wii U bundles to lucky  Southwest Airlines customers

After allowing gadget use during landing and takeoff and offering WiFi gate-to-gate, Southwest Airlines is set to make more customers happy by giving away 100 Nintendo Wii U consoles. This is part of a Thanksgiving promo to thank more than a hundred customers who will be landing in Dallas Love Field. mehr »

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Nintendo Wii Mini to arrive in the US for only $99

We’ve forgotten about the Nintendo Wii Mini because it seemed to have skipped the US. The gaming console is already in Asia, Europe, and Canada since last year but it’s only now the mini gaming console will be coming to America. mehr »

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Nintendo sells more Wii U, 3DS handhelds last Q3

Nintendo sells more Wii U 3DS handhelds last Q3

is not in deep trouble but it’s been having a hard time selling products. But with the introduction of the Wii U and 2DS, sales have increased significantly. Just last week, we learned that sales of Wii U improved by 200 percent. After the recent price-cut, 300,000 more Wii U owners were added. About 3.91 million Wii U’s have already been sold which is not yet half of the 9 million target by March of next year. mehr »

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Nintendo Wii U sales up by 200%

Nintendo’s Wii U sales seem to be doing great after the recent price cut. Why, an increase of 200% sales was seen last September.

So the price was the culprit? Most probably as people are usually turned off by it. Aside from the new price, the Nintendo Wii U and Legend of Zelda bundle was very helpful, as how Nintendo did it with the 3DS a couple of years ago.

We don’t know exactly the numbers but now we know Nintendo is still making money off the Wii U.


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Nintendo 2DS Handheld introduced

Nintendo 2DS Handheld

We didn’t see this one coming. Nintendo has announced a new gaming handheld: the 2DS. This gaming device looks a lot like the old 3DS but without the hinge. It will come in blue and red only and will cost only $129. mehr »

Posted on Aug 29, 2013 in ALL NEWS, Gaming, GamingTicker

Nintendo sold only 160K Wii console units, Q2 sales down

nintendo sales report

I somehow expected this: Nintendo sales went down last quarter. Q2 seems to be not good for most tech companies and Nintendo is unfortunately one of those who lost. A 3.8 percent decline in sales was seen compared to last year same quarter. mehr »

Posted on Jul 31, 2013 in ALL NEWS, Gaming, TechStats

Chromecast runs Gameboy Emulator


I can’t wait to get my hands on Google’s Chromecast dongle but before that, I need to get a new HDTV. I can’t decide which one to get but I’ve been hearing more things about the dongle that will allow streaming of media from any phone or tablet. The Chromecast app for Android was also released right after. Support for Google TV was also announced.
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Best Buy to let you play yet-to-be-released Wii U games

  nintendo wii u on best buy stores

Wii U sales are doing good. Nintendo won’t stop with the product line and will continue to improve the gaming experience for millions by offering more games on Best Buy. And not only that, these yet-to-be-released games can be enjoyed with playable demos on the famous retail chain store. mehr »

Posted on May 20, 2013 in ALL NEWS, Gaming, GamingTicker, Mobile Gaming

Pikachu Edition Nintendo 3DS XL to be released soon

Pikachu Edition Nintendo 3DS XL

On March 24, fans of Pokemon in the US can get their hands on the Pikachu Edition Nintendo 3DS XL. Honestly, I don’t know anyone who would enjoy a yellow version of the portable gaming console but I bet my nephew and his friends would. mehr »

Posted on Mar 15, 2013 in ALL NEWS, Gaming, GamingTicker

Nintendo outs Glossy Pink and Light Blue 3DS

 nintendo 3ds

New colors for the Nintendo 3DS have been introduced: glossy pink and light blue. Thr blue Nintendo 3DS even comes with the popular Fire Emblem Awakening and its logo on the 3DS itself. mehr »

Posted on Feb 28, 2013 in ALL NEWS, cute, Gaming, GamingTicker, HightechDivas, Mobile Gaming, pink
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