[Video] KT’s Spider smartphone gets you back in love with techno-convergence

There is nothing more I love than the convergence of technology, and looks like the Korean company KT has done a fabulous job at that. KT’s Spider, that 4.5 inch screened phone is not just a phone, but also a laptop and gaming console. And how does it manage that? Well, connect a D-pad with buttons that connect it to the Spider via Bluetooth and you are all set to game the night away. mehr »

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Man Uses Two Phones While Using Knees to Drive? The Hilarity, LMAO!!

driving mobile phone ccf_OregonDOT

How retarded can one person be? David Secker decided to let us know by pulling a very funny road show, an act that would have done well in the circus…maybe as a clown? I think so.

He decided to talk on one phone and text on the other; an act that would be distracting to even a pedestrian on a eerily clear da. But, he was driving and thought nothing wrong with his actions.

When the police stopped him, he proceeded to finish his conversation, before fully acknowledging the police. Holy crap man, he is just something else. mehr »

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Nice: Nokia BH-112 Headset can be used with multiple phones

Nokia BH-112 Bluetooth

Looking for a change when it comes to your cellphone’s headset? Then you might want to consider Nokia’s new line of BH 112 bluetooth headsets. The BH-112 is actually compatible with any mobile phone. Plus it offers a really cool feature that allows it to connect to more than one phone via multi-point connections. That alone makes this a really cool headset on my list.

Plus: The Bh 112 is available in five fashionable colors; magenta, cyan, green, black and white and it comes with matching ear buds.   mehr »

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Artistic Case mate for your iPhone 4

iphone case mate

If you’ve decided that you’ll be getting an iPhone 4 , then it’s also time that you search for a protective case for it. After all, your new Apple phone deserves the best. We’ve featured a few from Belkin already and that bamboo case yesterday but today, we’ve got the iPhone 4 Artist Series Original Cases. mehr »

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Grove Made releases Bamboo case for iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Grove Made Bamboo Case

Here’s another iPhone 4 case if you’re thinking of getting one. Grove Made has introduced new bamboo cases for the new version of the Apple phone. mehr »

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AT&T offers Palm Pixi Plus for free

Palm Pixi Plus

AT&T has just announced that they’re giving the Pixi Plus handset for free. Well, not really for free but you can take the phone home without paying any cent but of course, with a 2-year contract and rebates. Data plan should be at least $15 though or you may get the DataPlus plan to enjoy 200MB of data per month. mehr »

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More on Belkin iPhone 4 cases


We all know that when a new Apple product is launched, companies will also introduce protective cases for such. The iPhone 4 is now out and Belkin followed with their announcement of four new iPhone cases. We already featured them yesterday but we’ve got more photos to show you today. mehr »

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Nexus One can now shoot 720p videos

Nexus One 720p HD

The Nexus One is now able to shoot 720p video just by downloading the CyanogenMod version 5.0.8test3. Nothing is official yet but it’s almost here. Expect your Android phone’s audio and fps rate to improve. mehr »

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Samples of iPhone 4 Camera Shots

Samples of iPhone 4 Camera Shots

No more rumors or leaks about will be featured. The official iPhone 4 has already been launched yesterday. Others are happy with it while some are disappointed. Steve Jobs announced that from 3 megapixels, the camera now has 5 megapixels. mehr »

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Nokia N8 can also edit videos

nokia n8

Many were amazed when Steve Jobs introduced the iMovie for iPhone 4. It’s new for an Apple phone but not entirely new for Nokia. Why, the latter’s N8 can already do video editing. mehr »

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Microsoft says no to porn on Windows Phone 7

windows phone 7

Like Apple, Microsoft is determined not to include any adult content on their Windows Phone 7. The software giant just released their new policies for their Windows Phone Marketplace and it includes no sex/nudity adult allowed. mehr »

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HP working on webOS printers

HP  printer

HP will soon be rolling out web-connected printers. These new printers are rumored to feature own e-mail address and will run webOS. The latter is Palm’s, HP’s newest acquisition, which then can connect to various tablets and printers. mehr »

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