Sony announces Micro USB Flash Drive for Smartphones

Sony Micro USB Flash Drive For Smartphones

Not all smartphones are created equal. The iPhone doesn’t have a microSD card slot, therefore, you can’t expand its storage capacity. For those who do not support microSD cards, there’s USB or microUSB. Sony wants to take advantage by coming uo with a Micro USB Flash Drive for smartphones. Available in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB, the Sony Micro USB Flash Drive can be used for most Android phones via a special app. mehr »

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USB Type-C Connector introduced

next generation usb

USB as standard is still a reality. I don’t think it will ever change in the near future as it will improve through the years. We’re now on the USB 3.1 age, didn’t you know? (Oh dear, most of my gadgets still use USB 2.0) mehr »

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Akai MPC 2000XL 16GB USB Drive: This ain’t a real drum machine, yo…

Despite the proliferation of cloud storage services, there are still people who depend on USB sticks. Such will still be a necessity. The challenge for manufacturers though is to make their USB drives as secure as possible. If not secure, then maybe a little cute or as a novelty item. mehr »

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intel xeon

Acer changes from Thunderbolt to USB 3.0


Apple’s Thunderbolt technology may be really fast but Acer wants to get away from it and use USB 3.0 instead. The latter is cheaper but not exactly faster. Intel’s fastest data transfer technology was first used by Apple but Acer also joined the bandwagon. mehr »

Posted on Jul 17, 2013 in ALL NEWS, PC Hardware, PC Peripherals

[Gadget Style] Elvis Mimobot

elvis mimobot

The King of Rock’n’Roll is now a Mimobot. Who doesn’t know what a Mimobot is? mehr »

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Viceversal: USB Flash drive with double plug

 Viceversal USB flash drive with double plug

You think the USB flash drive only have little rooms for improvement? Apparently, there are still many ways how to innovate this very little yet useful storage device. A USB stick designed by Rexplore has been added with more connectors. Instead of just one for USB, the Viceversal also has one connector for Lightning ports. mehr »

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[CES 2013] SuperSpeed ‚Äč: USB 3.0 speeds up to 10Gbps

superspeed usb 3.0

We all know that there will still be something faster than the current standard USB 3.0. The latest speed boost was made known at the CES in Las Vegas by the USB 3.0 Promoter Group. The next version is expected to roll out middle of year 2014 so don’t worry about your current USB 3.0 gadgets being obsolete just yet. mehr »

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[ChristmasFever 2012] USB Squirming Tentacle Flashdrive

USB Squirming Tentacle

I’m not sure if I want to receive one but I’m thinking of getting a few to give away this Christmas. Gone are the days when USB flashdrives need to be cute or blinged out, they need to be scary now. Well, not really, but this moving tentacle will scare that nosy officemate or sister of yours who want to hang out near you to see what’s on your computer screen. mehr »

Posted on Dec 12, 2012 in ALL NEWS, Storage

[Green Gadgets] USB Intellipaper

We’ve seen blinged out, cute, and quirky USB flashdrives. But all those are mere packaging. Without those colors, studs, and cute design, the USB drive is just an ordinary memory chip. However, the Intellipaper is here to introduce a greener USB option. Instead of bulky packaging, the Intellipaper simply uses paper. mehr »

Posted on Nov 23, 2012 in ALL NEWS, Green, Storage
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AromaUSB adds fragrance to your office cubicle

 aroma usb

For only $29, you can make your office surroundings smell more pleasant. Admit it. After more than 9-hours in the office buried in your desk work, there will be times you’d be perspiring. If not you, that annoying office mate in the next cubicle forgot to put on deodorant. Gross, I know. I don’t want to imagine being in that situation but there’s a solution for that. Thanks to this Aroma USB that works as a fragrance dispenser. Have this ready in your office or at home…or just about anywhere there’s a USB port in sight. mehr »

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Victorinox offers full refunds for USB drives

Victorinox USB Drive Victorinox

Victorinox was humble enough to offer full refunds for their USB drives. The drives which were supposed to be secured always will no longer receive software and security updates. mehr »

Posted on Aug 24, 2012 in ALL NEWS, Storage

Avengers USB Flashdrives

The Avengers USB Flashdrives

The Avengers is THE movie at the moment. Being in the box office for weeks now, I’m sure a lot of people are taking advantage of its popularity releasing Avenger-related merchandise. For one, I bought two shirts already with Captain America and The Hulk logos already for my nephew. I don’t plan on collecting more but I’m tempted to get all of the Avengers USB flash drives. mehr »

Posted on May 29, 2012 in ALL NEWS, cute, Storage
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