Google+ app for iPhone announced

Google+ app for iPhone

Only a few weeks after its beta launch, the latest social networking website Google+ already has its own iPhone app. I immediately downloaded the app on my iPhone and tried it. So far, so good.

Google+ is made for ‘sharing the right things with the right people’. I agree with how the search giant describes the social network because unlike Facebook, the account user has an easier choice of whom to share the posts with.


Posted on Jul 20, 2011 in ALL NEWS, Apple, Apps, Top News 2

One Response to “Google+ app for iPhone announced”

  1. Online Services Says:

    Google Plus is terrific. I don’t think it will ever be more than the Pepsi to Facebook’s Coke, alas, but it’s much slicker and better designed. It’s too bad that the service has sacrificed a pile of goodwill over the last week by repeatedly publicly shooting themselves in the foot.

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