[Video] Naughty Carwash: Denver City Workers Make a Wet and Wild Stop

denver city stripper car wash

Okay. Here is a funny news report, apparently a couple of Denver City works employees thought it would be a good idea to take their work truck to a car wash being put on.

That sounds innocent and all, excepting that the car wash was being hosted by a local gentleman’s club and yup, you guessed it the washers for the day were strippers. Now either that truck was really dirty and that was the nearest carwash or those workers were feeling a bit, how do I say this…randy, and wanted to take in the scenery?

Not only did the workers go to a carwash loaded with strippers, but they actually took of their shirts to pose for pictures with the girls. Sound more like a frat party than a car wash to me. Needless to say their actions were not exactly accepted by the city and they are thinking of taking disciplinary actions against the workers.

I am pretty sure the next time these guys feel the urge to party they will wait until they are off duty and in their own vehicles.

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Posted on Aug 3, 2011 in ALL NEWS, MOTOR

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