[Video] Nokia N8 used to film world’s largest stop-motion movie

Nokia N8

If the inforgraphic on mobile gaming industry we featured yesterday didn’t impress you, then maybe this video film using just a Nokia N8 will convince you that smartphones have a very bright future. Sure, the N8 is not exactly one of the latest models but it works quite well, especially its camera.

The film “Gulp” is the largest stop-motion movie in the world. It was filmed on a South Wales beach using the Nokia N8. The N8 is more popular for its 12 megapixel sensor camera which I can describe as magnificent.

Actually, three Nokia N8 phones were used to finish the film. You may view the film below:

[Link] [Link] [Link]

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One Response to “[Video] Nokia N8 used to film world’s largest stop-motion movie”

  1. William Says:

    Glad Nokia is still doing something right! Hehe

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