Gucci Car, Satin Top Drop Top

fiat 500c gucci

Every now and then in the automotive world you may have two companies coming together to create a truly spectacular automobile. Like for example AMG and Mercedes Benz that as a team created super car quality vehicles.

Well Fiat has now joined forces with another company, not a tuner like AMG,  but a high end fashion company which happens to be Gucci, to redo the Fiat 500c. The original 500c was a two door hard top with a sporty look. The Gucci version though, will be a drop top and the satin top will be black with, you guessed it! The traditional Gucci design going down the middle.

fiat 500c gucci black schwarz
This new designer car will be offered in two colors. White with satin chrome accents and black with shiny chrome pieces. The black one looks pretty cool despite the ridiculous satin top and the other just there. The Gucci print will also be found on the seats and will be liberally distributed throughout the car (eww).

This version will also sit on 16″ alloy wheels  with the Gucci double G logo in the center of course.  This is one fancy looking little two door and I am sure it is going to be on a lot of teenage girls first car wants list.


Posted on Aug 5, 2011 in ALL NEWS, MOTOR

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