Man Uses Two Phones While Using Knees to Drive? The Hilarity, LMAO!!

driving mobile phone ccf_OregonDOT

How retarded can one person be? David Secker decided to let us know by pulling a very funny road show, an act that would have done well in the circus…maybe as a clown? I think so.

He decided to talk on one phone and text on the other; an act that would be distracting to even a pedestrian on a eerily clear da. But, he was driving and thought nothing wrong with his actions.

When the police stopped him, he proceeded to finish his conversation, before fully acknowledging the police. Holy crap man, he is just something else.

Mr. Secker’s little road show was fully rewarded; with a 150 pound fine and his¬†license being suspended for a year. Sure this guy will think twice about double phoning while using his knees to control the steering wheel.


Foto: OregonDot via Flickr/cc

Posted on Aug 16, 2011 in ALL NEWS

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