Fujitsu Solar Solar Cubic A-1 Lantern Comes with FM Radio

In times of disaster, solar-powered gear come in handy. But Fujitsu’s latest offering, the Solar Cubic A-1 lantern comes not only with light, but with music. Equipped with a large solar panel for charging under the sun, this Fujitsu solar lantern also comes with an FM radio, in case you want to change the mood when the storm is passing through. The lantern is 6-inch and contains a total of 32 LED lights on four of its sides, reaching a maximum brightness of 60,000 millicandela. Full solar charging could be reached within 8 hours which could provide 44 hours of light when using three sides. And in case the-sun-won’t-shine-tomorrow-Annie, don’t fret because this Fijitsu CUbic A-1 solar lantern can be juiced via USB or AC adapter.

The FM radio meanwhile plays on a speaker found on the bottom of the cube, which unfortunately only picks up stations under Japan’s narrow FM band of 76-90MHz. But hey, when the power is out and the iPod has been battery-dead for hours during a storm, any music will do.

via Cnet

Posted on Aug 25, 2011 in ALL NEWS, ENTERTAINMENT, Gadgets, Geek, Green, Music

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