[IFA] Angry Birds Speakers Take the Game Feud to another Level

The hilarious, emotional and addictive ” Angry Birds” game has worked it’s way into the hearts of many and onto the floors of IFA. There are a lot of people who for some reason  now have the pigs on their to assassinate list and take it quite seriously. That may get even more complicated after seeing the new Angry Birds Speakers from Gear4.

They come in all Angry Bird forms, except the yellow and blue bird (and that is a shame). Along with the militant angry green pig. The green pig is the iPod dock version. While the black and red Angry Birds are plug and play speakers. If you know you really have a vendetta against the evil green pigs; then please do yourself and others a favor by NOT getting the speaker in that form. I am sure you would not like to lose your screws and end up throwing rocks at the poor speaker and maybe hitting your iPod in the process. Not a good occurrence.

The speakers should be available in the next few weeks for shipping to Europe and the U.S. The Black bird will be a iPod, iPhone and iPad plug in dock  speaker at $129.99, the red bird will be a phone, music player and tablet plug in at $89.99. While the helmet pig iPhone and iPod dock Speaker will be going for $119.99; all from Gear4.



Posted on Sep 9, 2011 in ALL NEWS, ENTERTAINMENT, Music

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