[Video] KT’s Spider smartphone gets you back in love with techno-convergence

There is nothing more I love than the convergence of technology, and looks like the Korean company KT has done a fabulous job at that. KT’s Spider, that 4.5 inch screened phone is not just a phone, but also a laptop and gaming console. And how does it manage that? Well, connect a D-pad with buttons that connect it to the Spider via Bluetooth and you are all set to game the night away.

Whereas, just attach an extendable keyboard onto it, you can get all your work done just like you would on a computer. But if you are one of the hoity-toity types that do not like keyboards, you can just use it as a touchpad. Now that is called making one technology super-useful rather than making you carry a zillion different things to do your stuff. The phone is expected to launch in Korea in November-December, and international availability will hopefully follow soon after.


Posted on Sep 7, 2011 in ALL NEWS, Gadgets, Gaming, laptops, Mobile, Mobile Gaming, Tablets

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