Blackfriars Railway Station goes solar with a bridge

Blackfriars Railway station Solar Bridge

Built way back in 1886, the Blackfriars Railway station in London is turning green. Why, a 64,583 square feet solar bridge on its roof is currently being built. The energy that will be generated is said to be used to power the station or at least half of it.

Being used on the solar roof are solar Sanyo HIT photovoltaic panels with 4,000 high-efficiency. The whole stretch of the solar roof will span the River Thames.

Solarcentury’s chief executive Derry Newman said in a statement:

“It’s fantastic to see this project finally come to fruition. Blackfriars Bridge is an ideal location for solar; a new, iconic large roof space, right in the heart of London.

Station buildings and bridges are fixed parts of our urban landscape and it is great to see that this one will be generating renewable energy every day into the future. Unknown to most, there are many hundreds of buildings now powered by solar in the capital as investment in this technology increases. For people to see that solar power is working is a vital step towards a clean energy future.”

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Posted on Oct 24, 2011 in ALL NEWS, Green

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