Student hacks Facebook, gets jailed for 8 months

Glenn Mangham will have some more idle time when he gets inside jail for eight months. This British Student admitted to hacking into the top social network Facebook last year.This wasn’t the first time the 26-year old geek did it since he was also able to hack Yahoo before to show the search engine how to improve their security.

The British hacker simply went to hack “invaluable” intellectual property according to a report. He didn’t get any user details but managed to breach into the servers by hacking into a Facebook employee’s account. This only proves that Facebook security measures are sub-standard.

The social website went into the authorities to report the breach. FBI traced it to a UK address where Glenn Mangham lives.

The judge did not believe Glenn Mangham so he’s going to jail for a while.

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Posted on Feb 20, 2012 in ALL NEWS, Security, Web 2.0

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