QisDesign BE LED Desk Lamp: Super flat lamp for the stylish geek

QisDesign BE LED Desk Lamp

I can only think of a few ways how a desk lamp could be expensive. Make a platinum one or add diamonds. That I will understand the price tag but this $500 desk lamp made out of aluminum and and with LEDs, I don’t.

But then again this desk lamp magically folds flat as if it’s nothing. Called as the BE Light, this LED desk lamp features a hinge design, white LED that uses QisDesign’s light guide technology. Since it can be folded, it takes the least space when not in use making it perfect for small rooms.

Is it something that geek would want? Yes, at least, the sophisticated and stylish ones.

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Posted on Mar 9, 2012 in ALL NEWS, Green, HightechDivas, Home Gadgets

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