Shutter Grip gives the iPhone a DSLR-feel grip

iPhone Shutter Grip

Photojojo has always amazed me for coming up with cool gadget accessories. The latest to wow the iPhone users is this Shutter Grip that’s perfect for iphonographers like me. I’ve imagined something like this before but I could not find one that would really support my big hands.

The Shutter Grip gives you the DSLR-grip and security when holding the phone. I’ve lost count how many times the phone have fallen off my hand when I’m trying to get a photo. Obviously, just tapping on the phone screen isn’t enough especially for the serious iphonographers.

This $40 Shutter Grip features two buttons for the picture and video modes and only works with a corresponding app.

[Link] [Link]

Posted on Apr 12, 2012 in ALL NEWS, Apple, Apps, DSLR, Mobile

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