Kyocera Gives You The Tool to Hear The Voices Inside Your Head.Creepy, Yet…Cool!

Phone speakers will soon evolve from the ones we know and got used to, with Kyocera’s new invention.  It’s a transducer, that takes a whole different approach to enhancing our call experiences. Though I am sure there will be many instances that it would not be considered an enhancement- bad calls.

The Japanese company, created them so instead of hearing the sounds bouncing of our eardrums, we’ll hear them inside our heads. Just that little man that talks to us in pressuring times…They say the ceramic transducer works by transferring sound via tissues in our skulls. Sounds cool, yet scary. If your talking to your best buddies or the “one”, then hearing every word in your head is probably cool. But what about when your on a totally unpersonal call with all the horrible waiting music? Shiver. There is no way that will turn into a good experience.

Well these speakers will be going in a few phones very soon, starting in Japan and then it will probably take over. Are you ready to listen to the voices inside your head? (LINK)

Posted on May 10, 2012 in ALL NEWS, TechBizarre

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