Smartwatch | Swatch adds NFC payments to make it smarter #video

Smartwatch | Swatch adds NFC payments to make it smarter #video

Here we go, ladies and gentlemen: This is the next round of the battle for the crown between smart and Apple to get the pole position in the watch business of the future.

The Swiss watchmaker is trying to slow down the Apple Watch fever and will upgrade their watches with NFC payments function – but bring no phone on your wrist.

Smartwatch | Swatch adds NFC payments to make it smarter #video

Swatch would cooperate with the Chinese credit card organization China Union Pay, a Swiss bank and credit card companies, said CEO Nick Hayek. Swatch relies just as Apple on the NFC (near-field communication), which is also used by lots of credit cards.

“We don’t want to produce a mini mobile phone on your wrist. Others can do that.” Hayek said at the press conference in Corgémont. He expected rather than the development would depend on the performance of its batteries. It should be the competition for Swatch ahead.

Apple launched on April 24, their first computer watch has came to the market. Experts expect that the Apple Watch will give a clear boost on the device class. Elmar Mock, a co-inventor of Swatch, is predicting ‘an ice age’ for the Swiss watch industry.

Swatch offers the sport model announced in February, called Touch Zero One, is a next smartwatch. The new waterproof Swatch Touch Zero One is targeted at beach volleyball players and can track their number of footsteps and measure how hard they smack the ball with their hands. It will be available this summer and cost those interested around $159, Hayek said.

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Posted on Mar 17, 2015 in ALL NEWS, Gadgets, Mobile, Video

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